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Learn more about how to plan financially, mentally, and emotionally
for the difficult and important journey through Maternity Leave.

  • Only 13% of American’s have
    access to paid family leave.
  • The US is the only industrialized country
    that mandates $0 of paid family leave.
  • Only 60% of US workers
    qualify for FMLA.
  • FMLA protects 12 weeks
    of UNPAID leave.
  • 25% of women go back to work within 10 days of giving birth because they cannot afford to take unpaid leave.
  • Only 6% of US low-wage workers
    have access to paid family leave.

Jessica Shortall TED Talk on Maternity Leave in the US

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Anne Hathaway's Speech
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Consider these additional questions to review with your HR department

An FSA sets aside tax free dollars from every paycheck for health care expenses including prescriptions, co-pays, breastfeeding supplies and several items you can purchase at the drugstore.
This is similar to an FSA or HSA, but is solely dedicated to pay for dependent care. Be sure to check with your benefits provider to be certain that your childcare is eligible for this benefit before you elect.
If not, ask for one to be provided for you. If you plan on nursing you will want to set yourself up for success. Your company is required to provide you with a private room to pump that is not a bathroom stall.

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