• What every
    Family deserves.

    Sufficient time at home
    with baby after birth.

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  • Longer maternity
    leave helps.

    Time at home means better health outcomes for mothers and babies.

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  • Ten Days?

    25% of women return to work within 10 days of giving birth in the US.

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Help mothers stay home after birth.

We have three ways YOU can help!

Search for a mom you know Follow her provided link or search her first/last name to give her the gift of time.

Scroll through our public gift registries Read real stories about moms who need help to have time at home after birth or adoption and give a financial gift that will give them one real moment of Maternity Leave.

Donate to our Take 12 Community Fund! With the Take 12 Fund, Take 12 disperses all donated funds across fully gifted registries. When a mom’s community rallies around her to help fund her leave, we use the Take 12 registry funds to match her gifts up to 20%. We need your help to make this happen.

What is the public registry?

The public registry is a community of moms who have decided to share their Unpaid Leave journey. These women have chosen to share their story because they need help from our greater community and want to spread awareness of what partially/unpaid leave really looks like in the US.

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