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Being a Dad means being there for your child.

Here are some ways that Dad taking time positively effects the whole family.

Good for Dad

Studies have shown that when dad stays home with baby in the early weeks he is more likely to take an active role in the child’s life.

As proven in European counties with paid paternity leave, early bonding with baby leads to dad being more likely to interact with and care for baby long after paternity leave is over. This can lead to a stronger father-child relationship.

Good for Partner

When childcare responsibilities fall exclusively on one partner, often times the mother, the effect depresses their career. This presents a direct effect on women’s wages and workforce dropout.

Paternity leave helps to ease the strain and overwhelm of “just figuring it out” by sharing responsibility.

Good for Baby

Early interaction with dad leads to increased long-term learning ability. Many studies have shown a correlation between length of paternity leave and improved outcomes for children as a result of increased parent-child bonding.

More progress to be made...

Unfortunately, studies from both Harvard and Boston College have shown that men who are offered paid paternity leave often only take a fraction of the time they are offered for fear of being perceived negatively by their peers.

In one study, 30% of men who had the option to take 4 to 6 weeks, only took 2.

We believe it is important to normalize paid paternity leave in an effort to support healthy working families.

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