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Where moms register for the baby gift they need most, time to bond with baby after birth.

We continue to illuminate the facts around the maternity leave crisis in the US and create immediate solutions for working parents today so moms can go back to work healthy and prepared after spending sufficient time at home with their most precious gifts.

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Working moms can find the resources they need to prepare financially, mentally, and emotionally for Maternity Leave and the return to work. At Take 12 we believe that every mother deserves time at home with her baby after birth. We believe that it takes a village and that people want to help. We provide a solution that allows working moms to take the issue of unpaid leave into their own hands because we understand that becoming a working mom should be an empowering transition.

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Set up a registry for an expecting friend, family member, or co-worker for a simple, secure, and fun way to help her community give her the gift she wants most! No more worrying about giving her something she already has or doesn't need. With her registry your mama-to-be will be able to receive the most precious gift of all, time with her baby!

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Margi Scott Founder

Margi lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Chris and brood of 4. Margi grew up in Pennsylvania and watched both of her parents’ benevolent and entrepreneurial spirits create real positive change in their community.

After experiencing unpaid or partially paid maternity leave 3 times during the growth of her family and career, Margi understands first hand that the national conversation regarding unpaid parental leave in the US is not being accurately addressed. Margi resolved that an immediate solution was needed when her twins were born premature and a portion of her partially paid leave was spent in the NICU.

Margi believes in the strength, resilience, and empowerment of women. She believes that the undue stress we put on working women in the US is unnecessary and incredibly costly to the health of our families and workforce. By creating Take 12, a safe community where working families can take these issues into their own hands, Margi is excited to continue to create private solutions to public issues for working US families.